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exelotl wrote:

I noticed your alternate title screen made it in which is very neat, I think I prefer it over the original!

I quite like it, but I think after trying to condense it down from three scrollable screens, like the original titlescreen, I ended up cramming too much in the one screen.

I'm gutted I didn't get chance to finish mine, but great news on having 30 microgames! I look forward to trying it out

I see a lot of people asking for a GBStudio for the GBA.

I started working on a project which wasn't strictly the same, but the plan was for a GBA IDE (so you could write code, draw graphics, design palettes and tilemaps), but then support prewritten modules (such as a top-down RPG map or side-scrolling platformer) that link together to with the engine functionality. The end result would (hopefully) be a tool that is easy to start with for simple "no-code" games using GUIs, but allow the flexibility of writing code if you needed something new or maybe even to just customise the modules behind.

I've written a good chunk of the engine, which supports animated palettes, animated character/tile sets, and oversized maps; but there's no IDE yet to work it through

It has all crawled to basically a stop at the minute, with me falling out with the majority of GUI technologies (at least that I can use with C# and Linux), on top of my day job which is fairly consuming at the minute too.

IIRC, somebody else spoke to me about making a Maker tool, I might dig through my DM's and see if they ever got started on theirs.

Well done to everybody who entered, I was impressed with the entries.

exelotl wrote:

The silver lining was that I was able to negotiate Fridays off, which I dedicated to working on the game. If you ever have this opportunity and can afford to, freaking take it!

Absolutely agree with this, after some redundancies at our place I went down to 4 days, and it was great. It's not quite so clean now I've got a team, but I still get flexible time on Friday.

SkyLyrac wrote:

Oh, for sure, but even the less fun parts shouldn't be too bad. I even enjoyed the parts about creating the build system of my games, converting assets, etc. But I don't think I'd work on such a big project for a game jam again, I would try to keep it simple so that I can work on it when I actually feel like it.

Oh yeah, agreed.
I think I've also discovered that most of the projects I want to do are probably well out of my scope unless I can find others to do things like graphics and audio

SkyLyrac wrote:

There is no point in forcing yourself to do something you are doing for fun.

I used to agree, but not so much any more. I don't totally disagree, but there are times that you need to push through some less fun bits for the sake of the whole. Game Dev is a great example of this. There's the polish bit at the end which is hard and boring (most of the time), but if you can make your way through it, the end result of your game benefits greatly from it. At the end you'll be smiling a lot more.

Don't get me wrong, something that just is making you miserable or stressed, then yes, reevaluate what you're doing,

e9zyI39w3 wrote:

The LEGO games are fantastic at what they do, it's not their fault they don't have any depth!

I call them stupid, but in all fairness, they aren't bad. I actually quite liked the Lord of the Rings one. It's just they got a bit same-y and dragged out. I considered applying to TT Games, they have an office not too far from me.

I love that project for you two, definitely consider sharing some original drawings with us, it'd be cool to see the transformation.

I should make something of the game really, I'll probably build it for the GBA so I might post a devlog in the Showcase board

I've worked as a developer for over 20 years on an internal ERP platform. It's been a long and bumpy ride, and has certainly affected my wants to develop in my personal time.

It's not the sole reason though, my personal life has changed a lot in those 20 years too, and my son often wants me to play those stupid LEGO games with him. Though we had a great run of Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theatre, which are highly amusing as a team.

He also has been asking me to make his game, where he draw some pictures on paper, and both he and I then adapted them into sprites on the computer. I should put more time into that to be honest

I never had a GBA when it originally came out, so I'm missing any nostalgia for the games. Though I I did enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters, and World Championship Tournament.
I played Pokemon Blue back on the DMG, and I really like the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald monsters, but I've yet to put any serious time into playing them though.

Some of my favourites have actually come from the game jams like Toadally Awesome, Necropolis, and Skyland (to name a few)

What are the mechanics to the game?
From the screenshot reminds me of Firetrap.
I'd probably be interested in doing some coding for you, drop me a message if you want

My son has been asking me to make him a game, and he's even drawn me some pictures, which have been converted to sprites. So I thought I'd use the jam to come up with a titlescreen.

My plan is to have a knight jumping through the screen, and slashing it with his sword. Here's some rough SVG to define some shape at the three phases of animation. I haven't worked with affine sprites on the GBA yet, but I'll have a look so I can zoom him in.


I've not had too much time to work on it so far, but hopefully working with some rough graphics to get the flow right first is the best way of doing it.