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My son has been asking me to make him a game, and he's even drawn me some pictures, which have been converted to sprites. So I thought I'd use the jam to come up with a titlescreen.

My plan is to have a knight jumping through the screen, and slashing it with his sword. Here's some rough SVG to define some shape at the three phases of animation. I haven't worked with affine sprites on the GBA yet, but I'll have a look so I can zoom him in.


I've not had too much time to work on it so far, but hopefully working with some rough graphics to get the flow right first is the best way of doing it.

Is it possible to get email notification if somebody posts in a topic you're tracking?

On desktop, I love using a library called Allegro, and they have their own game jam community called TINS; and along came the KrampusHack, which is a secret santa game jam thing. I thought it might be pretty interesting to join in...

Each participant submits a "wish list", and at the start of the jam, you are presented with one of the other participants wish-list. None of it is "required", but it is encouraged to try and fit the brief. The one I've got has some bits I think I'm capable of, and within the limits of the GBA too...

But wait... why am I annoying the GBA community with an Allegro jam... Well, Allegro is preferred, but not required, and whilst I am using Allegro, my game engine builds for both desktop and the GBA! So you'll all be getting a little Christmas game at the end of December, start of January.

Dev logs are encouraged on TINS, so I thought I'd kind of double-key and give you all the exciting news of my production too...