It feels surreal to finally be writing this but... Goodboy Galaxy for the GBA released earlier this week!

It's an exploration platformer about a dog in space, which myself, Rik and so many friends & collaborators have been working on for the last 2.5 years (or 5 years if you include the demo!). We've poured absolutely everything into this project and we really hope you enjoy it after all this time! <3

You can buy the game digitally on

Physical carts are currently in production, and can be preordered from First Press Games.

title screenshot of maxwell looking into the sky gameplay footage gif screenshot of maxwell standing in a cave, pointing his gun at a glass orb FMV screenshot of three bears with a large machine crawling over the horizon

The game was made in the Nim programming language and uses the following libraries:

  • Natu (in development) - Nim GBA programming toolkit
  • libtonc - text rendering and many other utilities
  • maxmod - music / sound engine
  • libugba - interrupt handler
  • ACSL - heap allocator / C stdlib replacement
  • posprintf - string formatting
  • Cult-of-GBA BIOS - RLE Decompression for video cutscenes
  • agbabi - memcpy/set + coroutines
  • nimcoro - high-level coroutine wrapper
  • gba-rumble - brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Full game credits here.

We're currently working on the native PC and Switch ports, which will be out next year, but I figured I'd post about the GBA release here for posterity. Lemme know if you have any questions!