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Does anyone know how to build the code in this tutorial?

It claims that the "complete program including the data files" can be downloaded via the link at the bottom, but there's no makefile there. When I tried to use the makefile from TONC's basic first example, and loaded the .gba file in mGBA, I got this error:

The game has crashed with the following error:

Jumped to invalid address: 783BD1F6

This page contradicts itself, it says the default bias level is both 0200h and 100h:

short for "character block" - as far as I can tell, this isn't official Nintendo terminology. It doesn't seem to be in either the Game Boy original or the Game Boy Advance dev manuals. But there is a consensus online that it is 16KB:

Does anyone know who introduced this term and what the motivation was? I notice that the size of VRAM_B and VRAM_C are also both 16Kbyte - could this be the reason?

I think I figured out what "eva" and "evb" stand for (

Exposure Value

I really appreciate the Newbie Help Zone. It is a lot of pressure working in environments where people expect you to prove that you have read every sentence of every textbook, reference manual, and Google hit in existence on a topic and have tried every possible fix before you are allowed to talk to another human being about an issue you're having.

I constantly have people apologizing to me for not knowing enough and am constantly explaining that there are no stupid questions, and that I'd rather them ask me so I can get them unstuck, instead of them pretending they understand when they don't because they're afraid of looking stupid, being raked over the coals, or googling for hours instead of just picking up the phone and talking to me. I get sick of memorizing where every person sets the bar for when a question is "too stupid" to deserve an answer and decided long ago that for myself, to make sure no ever trips over it, I'm just going to throw the bar away.

I really appreciate that this forum has chosen to do the same, with no such thing as a stupid question, so I can stop worrying about constantly impressing people with my performance so that they are ok with me asking a question when I don’t know something, and get back to developing games.

Who coined this term? Does it mean "cross-boot," or does it have something to do with XBAND? Is it official Nintendo terminology or scene slang?

Definitely not "Tutorial on C"

Does anyone know the exact version of Programmer's Notepad that this page uses?

When I press Alt+1 to build the project, I get the Windows beep sound effect and nothing else happens. So, this is a major blocker.

I tried version and and neither worked.

Maybe the tutorial needs to be updated?

title says it all